NVAPI testing NvAPI_Stereo_GetStereoSupport feature

I am using NVAPI with C++. I want to use this function to test if my diplay supports stereo viewing. But I could not find NvMonitorHandle and NVAPI_STEREO_CAPS parameters for this function.

NvAPI_Stereo_GetStereoSupport ( __in NvMonitorHandle hMonitor,

Anyone knows how can get this functions values ?

Also, Can I use stereo viewing with 3DTV ? Or can it just be used with monitors ? In NVAPI reference documention it says :

This API allows an application to enable stereo viewing, without the need of a GUID/Key pair This API cannot be used to enable stereo viewing on 3DTV.

But I think It doesnt make sense. It should be used for 3DTV’s too. Did you try using it for 3DTV’s ?