Nvarguscamerasrc framerate control

I’m trying framerate control with gstreamer(using nvarguscamerasrc or v4l2src).
But when I use ‘videorate’, pipeline does not work.
How could I do ?
My desiring is resolution is 1920x1080 and framerate is 10/1.

Using argus_camera can control the frame rate.
nvarguscamerasrc current didn’t support set frame rate now.

Thanks for your reply.
Is argus_camera an element of gstreamer ?
If not so, what is it ?

It’s sample APP of the multimedia API.

OK, I found this site.
I’ll try it.
Thank you.

You should download it from sdkmamager to match your BSP version.

I installed JetPack4.4DP on NX DevKit with microSD.
Does it include JetPack and where is it?

Using sdkmanager to install JP you can option to download it.