argus camera 24fps?

Is there a better way to get 24fps than doing 120 and throwing out 4 frames out of 5?

Sorry not really understand your question. However you can have argus to control the frame rate. Please have a check the argus API.

Sorry I wasn’t clear. Let me rephrase. The frame rates available with the Argus camera element for gstreamer don’t include 24 (28, 30, 60, 120, and some others are available, but not 24).

Is that a limitation of the plug-in? Does the CSI camera itself support any arbitrary frame rate? Is it the sensor that controls that? It’s not very important. It’s more of a curiosity. I will check out the Argus API in any case. Thanks!

You can reference to argsu_camera to set the frame rate to any that sensor can support.

Thanks! That answers my question.