NvArgusCameraSrc ghosting from previous frames

I have some strange behaviour with nvarguscamerasrc. You can see old frames being overlayed on top of the new frames. You can see this behaviour especially in the beginning of the capture.

See the video for the effect:

Wow, very interesting. I don’t think ISP would have any temp buffer would cause that.
Could you check the RAW image by v4l2-ctl to confirm it.

I’ll check v4l2 and I think I can also check another sensor and let you know. Thanks!

Hey, I compared to another project of ours, which does not make use of a serializer/deserializer. The problems seems to be there, since connecting sensor without serializer in the same setup does not have this problem.

Maybe anyone has experiened something like this with TI ds90ub954/ds90ub953 ?

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Suppose it could be the SER/DES configure problem, I would suggest consult with TI would get more information.

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