Nvblox doesn't keep mapping in isaac sim

I have completed all the operations in the nvblox isaac sim tutorial, but when I run the simulation and rviz, it initially generates a 3D map of the environment in front of it, but when I run the navigation (2d Goal Pose) it does not continue to map. What could be the reason for this, I would be very happy if you get back to me. I am sharing the images related to the subject below.

Thanks in advance for your return.

Hi @mertaydogan06 - Someone from our team will review and answer to your question.

Hi @mertaydogan06 - This issue seems related to older version of isaac_ros_nvblox. Isaac-SDK team is releasing the new version most likely next week which is compatible with the latest Isaac Sim release.

Team will also specify what specific version to use to avoid this kind of issue happening in the future.

Thanks! I’ll be waiting.