3d map construction for navigation stack

I used Octomap and Rtabmap at 1years ago. Rtabmap is slam based mapping technic. I want to use nvblox.

  1. what is the advantages of nvblox from rtabmap and other technic? I know speed is one of this.
  2. Can/Must i use isaac visual slam for 3d mapping? or is nvblox enough?
  3. Can i use isaac visual slam without visual odometry(with own odometry data: gps)

Thanks for reply

  1. nvblox, Rtabmap, and others all have their own strengths and feature sets. You’ll want to try them out with your use case and see which performs better. Please let us know your experience!
  2. nvblox creates a 3D mesh of its environment from stereo camera+lidar using an odometry source to register point clouds together (see Isaac Sim tutorial with simulated odometry). Isaac ROS Visual SLAM can serve as an odometry source for nvblox (see nvblox, Isaac ROS Visual SLAM, and Realsense tutorial)
  3. No, you cannot run Isaac Visual SLAM without a stereo image pair input. IMU input is optional. There is no support for GPS data.
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thanks for knowledge.

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