Nvcr.io unauthorized: authentication required

I’m trying to run

tao detectnet_v2 dataset_convert -d /workspace/openalpr/SPECS_tfrecord.txt -o /workspace/openalpr/lpd_tfrecord/lpd

in order to move on and complete an assignment. But it won’t run that unless I run docker login nvcr.io.

Docker not logged in to nvcr.io. Please run docker login nvcr.io

But the problem with that is that whenever I try to run docker login nvcr.io, it always gives me

Error response from daemon: Get https://nvcr.io/v2/: unauthorized: authentication required.

I’ve tried running that with the proper login credentials and $oauthtoken with an access token, but nothing has changed. What can I do to fix this?

Please generate a new ngc key and use it to login again.

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Got it. All taken care of!

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