Nvenc 10bit hevc

Do we support the 10bit HEVC encoding?

When I use the command below to do the HEVC 10bit encoding, I get non-correct data analyzed by Elecard.
./video_encode crowd_run_1920x1080_420_50_100frame.yuv.P010 1920 1080 H265 crowd_main10.265 -p main10

crowd_main10.265 (567.5 KB)

As the yuv is too large, I only upload one frame of it! If you need the full, I can send it to your e-mail.
crowd_run_1920x1080_420_50_1frame.yuv.P010 (5.9 MB)

Please try the commands in
HDR 10 support - #7 by DaneLLL

The input format has to be P010_10LE.

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Hi Dane


Is there any document to introduce the P010_10LE format?

Don’t see information specific to P010_10LE. Please check I420_10LE in
Raw Video Media Types

Y plane of I420_10LE and P010_10LE is identical. The deviation is in U and V planes. I420_10LE has separate U and V planes. P010_10LE has single plane with U/V interleaved.

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