NVFNC can only capture desktop from X server if that loads nvidia drivers

Hi There,

        We have been trying to understand NVFBC SDK behaviour with X server when its not accelerated with nvidia GPU. 

like if you build your own X server which is not running as root. It can’t find and load drivers like nvidia, but it can provide interface to show desktop.

While capturing this desktop using NvFBC SDK, it doesn’t support and error out with version mismatch between NvFBC and X driver interface.

Kindly help us in understanding this behaviour. We are having two questions here

  1. can NvFBC SDK capture desktop only when its given by Nvidia GPU. which means X server should load nvidia drivers to capture display.

  2. When we have our own X server running, client libraries of X echo system are loaded from OS which is not compatible like libX11, libXdmcp etc.

Thanks in Advance