Nvh265dec0: No valid frames decoded before end of stream

I found this problem on latest Razer Blade 15 - UHD 144Hz - GeForce RTX 3080, Linux 22.4 but I was able to reproduce on an older machine with with another GeForce GPU.
See attached file. a.sh I’ve build gstreamer using commented out first 7 lines of the script.
When I run this script I’m getting an error. See attached file.
When I choose nv_out_265.mp4 with DEC=avdec_h265, there is no error.
When I choose any other $FILE with any $DEC. , there is no error.
FYI, nv_out_265.mp4 was created using nvh265enc
For now I can only download one file nv_out_265.mp4.
The script is below:
#source /home/ericsson/eyaktep/gstreamer/edge_scream_test/scripts/gst_build_env.sh
#git clone GStreamer / gstreamer · GitLab
#cd gstreamer
#meson -Dintrospection=disabled -Dlibnice:examples=disabled -Dlibnice:tests=disabled -Dgpl=enabled --prefix=$MY_GST_INSTALL build/
#ninja -C build/
#./gst-env.py --only-environment >gst-env.sh
#source ./gst-env.sh

set -v


gst-launch-1.0 -v filesrc location=$FILE ! h265parse ! $DEC ! fakesink

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putting all the files in .zip
nv_bug.zip (9.3 MB)