NVIDIA 470.74 Breaks Gsync (Compatible) Support (Monitor Modulates between 0 or 144hz and Flickers black)

Bump. I’m also affected by this bug and am interested in hearing any estimates for a new driver so that I can get my system running normally again

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Also affected here. Essentially everything using a G-Sync compatible display becomes unbootable when using this driver. We have to chroot in using a liveUSB and disable the display manager and either disable G-Sync or revert to 470.63. I would call this a showstopper bug as people won’t even know why the systems are unbootable unless they SSH in or livecd/chroot.

We are advising all clients to AVOID this driver release and are hard blocking it across our networks.

The new 470.62.05 vulkan dev drivers released yesterday are also impacted by this.

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I have a GTX 1070 and gsync is broken on the Dell S2721DGF, Am getting an RTX 3070 soon, I hope they fix this cause its an expensive and well known monitor. Hardware Unboxed reviewed and recommended.

Probably a related issue: [470.74] [REGRESSION] Full screen videos in Google Chrome freeze the system after suspend/resume - #2 by birdie

Hi, any update on this one?

Do we know when you’ll gonna release a new drivers’ version which addresses this issue?
Is it going to be a minor or major driver release?


Issue should be fixed there, and interestingly Kepler is still supported.

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@danielsuarezcolon Likely just forgot to update the text there, in the driver files everything related to Kepler was removed.

I can confirm that Gsync compatible works for me on driver 495

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Indeed it was a mistake, seems it was fixed now

Did you just use nvidia-beta-dkms from aur? Or how did you install

I used the nvidia-all pkgbuild, it’s not from the AUR