NVIDIA Blender Extension

Hi, (i hope this is the right place to post this feature request)

There is a new “Extensions” platform for Blender ( https://extensions.blender.org/ ), which allows developers and creators to share extensions they developed with the entire blender community.

I think NVIDIA could develope their own extension for blender users to take advantage of multiple technologies such as ai technologies, neuralVDB, and other developments.

I know NVIDIA provides software development kits to companies with an important enough use case, but if blender doesn’t plan to implement these things, maybe NVIDIA can by creating an extension for blender that allows these technologies to work in blender.

Thank you

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@Josiahgil as another user, i cant speak to the plans NVIDIA could make down the road, but i suppose anything is possible!

given they have already made a separate blender USD build available through the OV Launcher, i wonder if they would consolidate all NVIDIA features inside it or keep separate developements and consider releasing them (on the extension page) for mainstream Blender at the cost of maintaining their extensions each build.

i look forward to seeing how they approach your request!