Nvidia bug on Wine


I use actually a Debian Sid with the Experimental driver (331.38) and i found a bug in Wine with FarCry3.
As you can see in this bug report in winehq.org (http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35399), if “UseGLSL” option is enabled, the see is invisible and there are problem with light reflections.

The workaround to resolv this bug is to disable “UseGLSL”

I tried with 3 drivers versions :

  • Sid version 319.82 : No problem, the game is clean with UseGLSL enabled/disabled
  • Experimental version 331.20 / 331.38 : Graphical bugs if UseGLSL is enabled. Disappear after to disable.

Screeshot for the bug :


This seems to be fixed now in 334.16.