Nvidia-Driver "GPU-SCALING / Sharpening" ISSUES

Hello, good afternoon!

I would like to let people know about a feature in NVIDIA called “Image Sharpening”, I’ve a few problems with this feature since lastest driver updates so I’ll explain them in order to fix it for next updates (I don’t know if it’s here where should I post it)

I’ll use 2 different Nvidia drivers (471.96 & 512.95)

In the first one (471.96), you can clearly see that you’re able to use image sharpening and keep using “display mode and fullscreen” options in “adjust desktop size and position”

Imgur 471.96 Drivers

In the second one (512.95), we’re not able to use “display mode”, you’re forced to use GPU instead. You’re not able to choose between options like full-screen / aspect-ratio / No Scaling (this forces you to play with full-screen 1920x1080)+

You can see IMGUR images in the reply since I can’t use 2 links due I’m a new user

I would like to let you see the difference inside the game but it’s not notable with screenshots

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Alejandro “mopoz”

I can’t upload images since I’m a new user and I’m only able to use 1 link so, here’s the second

Imgur 512.90 Drivers