NVIDIA Geforce MX150 support cuda or not

HI Team,

We want to purchase a 13-14 a laptop for AI Learning that support CUDA.I checked the laptop and many laptop has NVIDIA Geforce MX150 card on it , while going through forum i saw that user has faced issue with cuda with NVIDIA Geforce MX150 graphic card but on your link it said NVIDIA Geforce MX150 support cuda. I am little bit confused so please tell me whether we should NVIDIA Geforce MX150 graphic card or not as laptop is very costly.

laptop we are looking for 13 to 14 inch size

we want run cuda with tensorflow and gpu so please suggest

HI plz reply on above thread

GeForce MX150 supports CUDA.

Does it support high end gpu applicaton

It has various limitations, such as memory size.