NVidia GPU is not enabled and available for processing if monitor is not connected

We are facing an issue where our Healthcare application is unable to connect to NVidia GPU (rather it is disabled) if no monitor is connected to the NVidia card. This is seen in Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019 OS regardeless of NVidia card type. Is there a workaround for this issue?

Hello @k.karthik
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I have few questions to start with:

  • Do you own the healthcare application that you are referring to?
  • What is the exact manifestation of unable to connect to NVIDIA GPU (rather it is disabled)?
    → do you see it it disabled or with a yellow bang in the device manager?
    → Is there any NVAPI that returns an error / some error is shown by the application?
    → Can you run nvidia-smi.exe from system32 (on an admin command prompt) and share the output?
    → Can you also run dxdiag and share the log file?

NVAPI Forum Moderator

Hello moderator,
Thanks for your response. Sorry I don’t have answers to all the questions since it happened in our customer site. I am checking if I can get the details. Meanwhile, let me see if I can provide you with more helpful info.

  1. Healthcare application is developed and owned by us
    The other queries I’ll get you the response shortly. From what I understand, the symptoms of the issue is same as mentioned in this forum Redirecting. NVidia GPU shows in device manager without any yellow bang. However, when our application tries to check for GPU using WGLInfo, we don’t see the Nvidia GPU as enabled.

Hope this helps.