NVIDIA GPU recognized but not used by NVIDIA driver

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About 2 weeks ago I restarted my ubuntu 21.10 laptop and my external monitors stopped working. I tracked it down to my nvidia driver not starting. Whichever nvidia driver I installed (tried 435, 450, 460 and 470) the gpu that was used was always my integrated intel GPU. Every time I tested, I set prime-select to nvidia and restarted afterwards, I also made sure to purge all nvidia installs from my laptop before installing the next version. I also did the steps that were recommended in other questions but none of them had any effect on my laptop.

My laptop uses an NVIDIA A2000 gpu, which I thought might be the issue, but I looked it up and 470 should be the correct version, but it didn’t work.

Looking further, (as you can see in the attachements) I found out something goes wrong with starting my nvidia driver during boot. The driver is not initialized and keeps retrying over and over to get in a working state but fails every time with “can’t change power state from D3cold to D0 (config space inaccessible)”. And my GPU is detected by my ubuntu system, but the driver is not able to communicate with it.

any help is appreciated

The Ubuntu kernel 5.13.0-27 has a bug so nvidia gpus can’t be turned on. Please check in grub menu for an ealier kernel to boot to.

I changed to kernel 5.11.0 and it worked!
Thanks for the quick reply

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