Nvidia Grid 2 card in a desktop computer

Does this work? Does it route the data through the existing video card with the dvi port?


That’s an unusual configuration.

With the first generation of GRID cards (K1 & K2), you had the option of specifying them with Active or Passive cooling. The K1A and K2A (as they were known) had a fan built into the GPU because some systems didn’t produce anywhere near enough air flow for cooling, hopefully you at least have one of these cards or you risk damaging it. As for the newer M60, I do not believe these have an “Active” offering, so should be left in an appropriately designed chassis.

To your actual question, I’m pretty sure you won’t see the benefit by using anything outside of connecting directly to the GPU, which you are unable to do, as you have a server based GPU with no outputs. If you accessed your workstation remotely, you should see the benefit.



The cards are intended for use in a server, and only in certified chassis.

While you may be able to get it to work (some have) you’d require a hypervisor and remoting solution to get the benefit from it.

As Ben’s said, it’s an unusual configuration and I’m curious to what you’re trying to achieve with it.