NVIDIA Highlights not available anymore


I’m interested in implementing NVIDIA Highlights into a Unity game I’m working on. I found this tutorial from 2018:

It mentions a plugin from the asset store, however it seems like that plugin has since been deprecated, at least that’s what the asset store link tells me. The NVIDIA GeForce Experience SDK documentation on github mentions that there are plugins for Unity and Unreal, but there’s no info on were one can find those.

Is there a Unity plugin available somewhere or has Highlights support for Unity been deprecated?

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Hi there @Benutzer4188 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

As you might have already guessed, that Blog post is technically still relevant, but with respect to plugins nowadays outdated. There are no more NVIDIA plugins in the Unity asset store since the most current technical feature, DLSS, is already part of Unity mainline.

Highlights is part of the GeForce Experience SDK only. Since you seem to have access to our GFE github project you should check the Highlights FAQ for more details.

Could you point me to the Unity plugin information you found in that project so we can ideally clean that up?

Thank you for pointing this out!

Hello, thank you for clarifying. Unity is still metioned in the Readme of the GFE Documentation. I thin that’s the only place where I found it.

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Thank you Henning.

I suppose you mean this part?

An application integrates with the GfeSDK via either a game engine plugin (UE4, Unity), C++ interface, or C interface. This integration, via the SDK, calls a compatible GFE 3.0 release.

At least that is the only place I can find mention of Unity.

Yes, that’s the one.

Thank you!