NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Power Distribution


I am with Leonardo DRS and we are performing a thermal analysis with the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit and were hoping to find some guidance on how to accurately set up the power distribution for the model. We have modeled the components of the thermal stack up according to the thermal design guide for the product are running it at 30 W. However the power distribution over the components was not found. Is there any information or relevant data sheets about where the power should be applied, and the ratio of what power the SOC is outputting compared to the PCB?

Thanks for the help.

HI, there is no such doc. The power distribution depends on specific use case. Even the total power is same, the distribution could be different. You can use command line tegrastats to show the power of each domain, like CPU, GPU, DDR and etc., that might be helpful to your analysis based on the use case.

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