NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 3.0 RC 2 - slows down

I have a feeling that maybe new Nsights slows down debugging while I came across problem after installing it. Now I have to wait for debug and even for stop debug for about 1 minute. Anyone have similar issues?
Thanks in advance

Do you mean while not using Nsight? If so, no I have not seen this.

What happens when you try debugging after uninstalling Nsight?

I found out that when I reinstall nsight it works well and fast. But after some time start debugging and stop debugging takes about 1 minute hanging whole VS2010. Sometimes restart of VS can help, but sometimes not. Now I have Nsight It apply to both CUDA debugging and host debugging. Any suggestions what I can do?

On average, how many debugging sessions does it take for the slow down to occur? In addition to restarting VS, does restarting the Nsight Monitor help?

as far as I remember restarting nsight monitor didn’t help. Last time it was good and there weren’t many problems. Maybe I can say that there could be some issue with hibernating. After system hibernation, VS slows down. I had opened VS all the time so maybe some garbage collection of memory done by system too. The hardest errors are non reproducible as always, but you probably now this. I will do many programming within weeks so if I got any other clues I will let you know.

On AVG it was 20-50 debugging session, I think… :)