Visual Studio 2019 became too slow after installing CUDA 11.1

The Visual Studio 2019 had been installed in my PC and I installed CUDA 11.1 including NSight.
The Visual Studio became too slow after I installed CUDA.
Loading files and intellisense and etc in Visual Studio are too slow.
I cannot solve this problem.
My GPU is GeForce RTX 2070.
Please help me.


The same here! I’m with gtx1050ti.
Also I noticed that there is changes in Perf. Analysis tool … and i’m not happy with it!

The same happened to me as well.
I’ve uninstalled CUDA 11.1, and re-installed CUDA 11.0.3, and the problem went away.
So only the last release has this issue.


I think that the problem is the latest Nsight VSE! Try with the prev. Nsight!

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I got it.
I uninstalled cuda 11.1 and installed previous version.
The problem went away.
Thank you.

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I am having same problem - immediately after installing CUDA 11.1, Visual Studio became almost unusable - basic actions such as building a project or even getting Intellisense feedback causes pauses of between 10 and 45 seconds. Please address this issue and/or advise how to work around. Thank you.

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Uninstall only Nsight VSE, compute, systems!
Install Nsight VSE, compute, … from CUDA 11.0 or 10.2 (I recommend).
And yes, this situation isn’t acceptable! I’m very disappointed …

I have met the same problem, and I tried to fix the visual studio installation and it not works.

I removed the nvidia’s extensions and find the problem fixed.

Sorry you have having performance problem. We are looking into it, but have not reproduced it yet.
When we arrive at a solution, we’ll update this forum with a link to download an updated Nsight Visual Studio Edition our DevZone download site.

To Summarize the issue:

  • Basic actions such as building a project or even getting Intellisense feedback causes pauses of between 10 and 45 seconds…
  • Happens only with NsightVSE in CTK 11.1 GA (not earlier versions).
  • Work Arounds
    • Re-install CUDA 11.0.3, and the problem went away.
    • Removing NsVSE (2020.2) and installing NsVSE 2020.1 or NsVSE 2019.4 seems to fix the slowdown.
    • Removing Nvidia’s extensions and find the problem fixed.
  • Some Questions:
    • Reports only mentions VS2019. Has anyone experienced this on VS2017 as well?
    • Is NVIDIA Nsight Integration being used?
    • Are any other Visual Studio extensions being used?
    • Does Visual Studio slowdown as soon as it starts up?
    • Does a solution or project need to be open?
    • Does the Debugger have to be launched?
    • Does a project have to be built?
    • What driver version is being used? (456.33 or new drivers are recommended)

If it helps:
Hw System: cpu / Intel Core i7-7700hq, gpu / Gtx 1050ti 4GB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (x64) Build 19041.508 (probably it’s version 2004)
The driver v. is 456.43 (from 11.1 bundle)
And definitely the issue is related with the newer Nsight VSE!
The IDE goes crazy: slow project loading, slow intellisense, …

Another think, which isn’t connected with this: where are Perf. Analysis tools Activities - “Profile CUDA …” ? They are gone, why? There is some design shift, but by my opinion not so practical or/and well working :)


“where are Perf. Analysis tools Activities - “Profile CUDA …” ? They are gone, why?”

The Graphics, Compute Profiling, and Analysis Timeline/Trace tools in Nsight VSE were completely redesigned to handle modern, advanced GPU and system architectures. We had a lot of feed back that some people prefer a stand-alone option for these Nsight Compute (CUDA Profiler), Nsight Graphics (Graphics Frame Debugging and Profiling), and Nsight Systems (Analysis Trace/Timeline) were created, to replace the legacy versions in Nsight VSE. These tools still integrate in the Visual Studio, using NVIDIA Nsight Integration, and will show up under the Nsight Menu (just like the old Nsight VSE versions). These new tools have many benefits over the legacy tools. Please visit their websites.

Thanks for the extra info on how to reproduce this. We’re still struggling to repo this here.

I have the same problem here and here are my setup which can answer some of your question

I do have NVIDIA Nsight integration installed.
NO Nsight Compute, Nsight Graphics and Nsight Systems installed.

I formatted my hard drive and installed latest Windows 10 2004 fresh. Installed only Visual Studio 2019, no other extension installed.

I have GTX 1060 here and my driver version is: 456.71

I didn’t run/build/debug any project. Just after CUDA installed, Visual Studio become very slow to respond.

To give you an idea how slow it is on my laptop, The highlight of menu item on Visual Studio when you put your mouse over it takes 5 seconds to show up. It take forever (I mean literally, I can not do this) for Visual Studio to connect to Azure Devops (I actually didn’t manage to get my project cloned to my computer).

After this, I reinstalled Windows and Visual Studio, this time everything stays the same but without CUDA, everything is fine.

The same problem here. Installing CUDA 11.0 makes VS 2019 too slow (e.g. menu bar highlighting, collapse/open button at code outline, …).

Windows 10 1909, Visual Studio Community 2019 16.7.5

In my case, removing Nsight VSE, compute, systems then install the previous version from 11.0 seems to resolve the issue.
I’m not sure installing the previous version is required.

Same here, visual studio 2019, GTX 1070. Uninstalled Cuda, VS 2019, restarted, reinstalled everything again and no luck. Even installed Visual Studio 2019 preview. Same problem.

When loading any solution, items are not shown (Blank solution explorer window). Even starting without opening a solution, the background taks notification stalls on “loading NvdaPackage”. No IntelliSense, cannot build. Completely unusable.

Please read above! Uninstall NSight VSE and install from the prev. 11.0 bundle.

I’m curious, what is your test system, where 11.1 NS VSE is working well?

The same problem here. Thanks for making the post! I uninstalled CUDA 11.1 and NsightVSE 2020.2 and everything is back to normal now. This surely needs a fix.

Still you can continue to use cuda 11.1, but with older NsightVSE!

Yes it seems like Nsight VSE 2020.2 is not only causing slow downs and hangs, but also many issues like not being able to create a project, menu issues (no change when you hover) etc.