Nvidia Quadro K6000 GPUs with Quadro SyncBoard - Vmware

Dear All

Not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question. But if anyone can guide me to right direction please

I am trying to figure out if there is any compatibility issue or whatsoever in my configuration


Core i7 4930k Proc
Asus P9X79-WS Motherboard
64 Gig Ram
2 SSDs
2 Nvidia Quadro K6000 GPUs with Quadro SyncBoard
Vmware vSphere Esxi 6.0 update 2

Installed ESXI with 2 VMs. Passthrough K6000 and both the VMs are running perfectly 4 output each (Windows 7 x64)

Following are the issues:

Using Nvidia driver ver 362.56
Nvidia Control Panel missing mosaic feature - Got i sorted by mosaic utility
Nvidia Control Panel no option to configure Syncboard. If i check the system information, i can see the sync board but i cannot configure the sync

Anyone with this issue?. I think for this type of setup i dont need any VIB files on the esxi host. correct me if I am wrong