NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super not loaded (Black Screen) on Ubuntu 20.04, 20.10, 21.02


I have Dell Alienware R9 workstation which contains Nvidia RTX 2080 super.
Ubuntu (I have installed 20.04,20.10, 21.04) comes with default nouveau driver. It was crashing periodically. I do not know the reason.

I have decided to install Nvidia driver from repository.
I have tried driver version 460 and 465. both have the same issue.

I see just black screen when trying to load GUI.
Also I tried to download driver from the site but the result was same.

I just have recovery mode boot option. I can’t fix this issue for a weeks.
Also making the bug report do not works. running nvidia-bug-report.sh hangs with kernel panic.

I tried to set nomodeset parameter and no success.
Nouveau is blacklisted, Nvidia is not blacklisted.
I do not have xorg.conf into /etc/X11.
nvidia-smi do not works also from recovery mode.

I have tried multiple kernel version, for example : 5.11.0-22-generic.

Windows 10 works without any problem.

Any idea will be appreciated.