Nvidia SDK Manager Can not go to Step 2

Dear Support,

Today I have downloaded the SDK Manager in my Ubuntu 16.04 (not the virtual machine).

But when I try to use the SDK Manager to install the JetPack on my Jetson AGX Xavia, the window only allows me go into the step 1 (through continue button). After in step 1 window, the continue button is de-highlighted -> cannot go into the step 2 for set up. My laptop has enough required memory (90 GB free). Or maybe in Step 1 window, is there any check box since I cannot see in my window?

Could you please advise me how to solve the problem?

Also can you let me know where I can download the JetPack4.3 so that I can download the JetPack without SDK Manager? From the Download page, I can not find JetPack 4.3.

Thanks so much

Hi Jimmy,

Could you share a screenshot here for us to understand what is going on?

Also, there is no separate jetpack now.

Hi Wayne,

Actually after I did window display setting (scale from 2 to 1), now I can see the bottom of licence check box.

So there is a resolution display problem which misses the bottom part of information of the Step 2 window.