Jetson, JetPack, Host Machine, Initial boot and install confusion

Hello, I’m brand new to this platform. I was sent an Xavier unit by my company and I need to get it set up. I already had an Ubuntu laptop, but it was recently upgraded to 19.10, so I don’t have 18.04. In spite of the the sdk manager seemed to install on the host system ok, but the gui won’t let me go past step 1 because of the OS version. I’m wondering if there’s any way around that.

In investigating a way around it, I decided to just boot up the Xavier and see what happened. What happened was I was prompted with instructions to cd into ~/NVIDIA_INSTALLER and run the script in there, which I did, and everything completed without error. However, I don’t know if this is what the sdk manager was going to do, or if this is something completely different, because I can’t find any documentation for this NVIDIA_INSTALLER directory anywhere.

On the one hand, I see references to (for example) ‘BSP’ both in the sdkmanager docs and in the output from the script on the Xavier unit proper. ON the other hand, the examples that the sdkmanager docs say should be present on the Xavier after installation aren’t there.

So, what state am I in now, exactly?
Is there any documentation about what I ran in the NVIDIA_INSTALLER directory?
Is there a way to run sdk manager with ubuntu 19.10?

Thanks for any help.

Hi Brian,

If sdkmanager does not allow your system to run, maybe you could directly download the driver package and roofs from our download center and use that to flash the board.

However, such installation does not include those sdk like cuda/tensorrt.

I would suggest to find a 18.04 host.