(nvidia-settings) Reconnect of 2nd display does not "remember" settings

When I set the resolution and position of my secondary display (a tv), after the screensaver causes a timeout, and upon reconnection, the settings are set to some different and inconsistent settings.

  1. My card is a 1080.
  2. My primary display is an old monitor (1600x1200), connected with HDMI → DVI (monitor).
  3. The secondary display is a 4k television (hdmi), which I set to 1600x1200 (scaled), and “Same as” the primary display.

This works, but after some time (and what I believe is the screensaver and TV timing out), when returning to the PC the secondary display (tv) will come back at a different resolution than I’d set in nvidia-settings. Also, it’s NOT consistent which resolution it comes back as: Sometimes it comes in at the full 4k, sometimes a smaller value. I think sometimes same-as is even not enabled.

Any tips on this?