[SOLVED] Dual monitors resolution reset on each restart

OS: Xubuntu 13.04
Linux kernel: 3.8.0-35
Nvidia driver version: 313.30
GPU Name: GeForce GT 630

  • Dell U2312HM. Connected to DVI port of video card (without any adapter).
  • LG W1943SS. Connected to VGA port of video card (without any adapter).

After each PC reboot the settings resets to the following (screenshot of Dell display):

LG display overlaps the Dell display, but before reboot there was the following configuration:

I tried to save X configuration to file but nothing changed, the same situation after reboot…
I tried to change VGA and DVI cables but it doesn’t help.

Please, help.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (49.8 KB)

I have attached bug report.

I had a similar issue with Fedora 20. I had my screens all set up in xorg.conf, just how I like them but new in Fedora 20 Gnome 3 had to be configured to agree with xorg.conf.
In Gnome 3 you enter Settings -> Displays -> Arrange Combined Displays and set things right there.
It took a few logins to get it right, but now I have no issues with that any more.

JBravo, thank you. I have solved this problem. I opened Settings Manager -> Display and configured displays using it. After reboot there was no settings reset.