Nvidia-smi doesn't recognize Geforce RTX 3060 in Ubuntu 22.04

I have Ubuntu 22.04 with a RTX 3060 and AMD® Ryzen 7 6800h with radeon graphics processor, I have installed the recommended driver which is 525-open and it shows in Additional drivers that indeed it is using the recommended driver. However when I run nvidia-smi it says “No devices were found” and my GPU doesn’t appear in nvidia-settings.
Also the secure boot is disabled on my device
Thank in advance for any help
NB : I have the nvidia-bug-report but apparently I can’t post it : the processing time doesn’t end

I can never get the additional drivers to work. I suggest doing an apt install.

sudo apt purge nvidia-driver*
sudo apt install nvidia-driver-525

Reboot your computer and you should be good.

thanks for your help, every thing seems to work now
525-open was apparently not the right driver to use, although it was the one recommended by ubuntu-drivers devices

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