Nvidia-smi ‘No devices were found’ on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (dual boot with Windows 10) + GeForce RTX 3060 + Intel Corei7

Hello there,

I am getting “No devices were found” when executing “Nvidia-smi”., so i cannot work with external monitors for now.

I have installed the recommended nvidia driver on Ubuntu: “nvidia-driver-520-open (propietary, tested)”.

I have a DELL Alienware R15.

I am attaching the file result from executing “sudo nvidia-bug-report.sh --safe-mode --extra-system-data”

Please i have been researching for 2 weeks and trying different recommendations but still without a solution on my Windows partition it works good. Any clue for the Ubuntu partition is most than welcome.

Thank you in advance!

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (175.9 KB)


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Thank you so much, this worked for me!!
@generix you are kind of a legend in this forum, I really appreciate your help!

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