Nvidia-smi throws segmentation fault on 3070 Laptop GPU

My OS build is 21301.1010 and I follow the latest document which installs driver 465.42. But “nvidia-smi” throws “Segmentation fault”.

“gpustat” can work partly and recognized my device.

It seems that the driver doesn’t support 3070 Laptop GPU, should I wait for updates or is there any workaround?


I am getting this same error with OS build 21313.1000 and the latest Nvidia driver 465.42. My GPU is a 1080Ti and I just did a clean install of Windows. This makes me believe the issue is coming from the 465.42 driver or the OS build (maybe 21300>) rather than your GPU. Although I am getting this issue, it appears that I can still utilize my GPU with the docker command in the tutorial:

docker run --gpus all nvcr.io/nvidia/k8s/cuda-sample:nbody nbody gpu -benchmark