NVIDIA System Monitor - Only 8 cores out of 12 are used

I’m using Jetson AGX Orin 64GB which shows in the specifications it has 12 CPU cores. However, when i’m monitoring the cpu resources in power GUI i noticed only 8 cores reach to 100% when i’m running few codes while the other 4 are always 0%. Also, system monitor shows only CPU0-7.
Screenshot from 2023-04-27 01-30-30

There are several power profiles that can turn off some cores for saving energy consumption.
These are called NVP profiles. If you click on the NVIDIA icon in the desktop top bar on the right side, you may be able to select another NVP profile such as MAXN that has no limitation.

Also note if you’re looking for max perf and don’t care for energy savings that after switching to a NVP profile, you can boost the clocks with:

sudo jetson_clocks
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