Nvidia texture tools keeps crashing and freezing when uploading a picture or when saving

hey just tried the 2023.1.0 version and the same problem still occurs
also for some reason it says 2023.1.1

sorry for troubling you but could you send me an even older version maybe 2022?

Sure! Here’s the direct link to 2021.2.0; let me know if this works! https://developer.nvidia.com/designworks/texture-tools-for-photoshop/secure/2021.2.0/NVIDIA_Texture_Tools_2021.2.0.exe

uh dude thats the standalone version
its fine tho i managed to find a 2021.1.1 version photoshop plugin that ive saved a few years ago
installed the plugin and it works fine, can save and load dds files

Oh, yep, thank you for catching that! In case it’s useful in the future, here’s the correct direct link: Log in | NVIDIA Developer

Good to hear that - I’ll update here once we have a fix for this in the next version!

This was really Helpful, I have the exact same problem on a 660 card, and the old version fixed it. I wish all developers were on the ball like this.,
BTW, is there a reason you decided to discontinue support for Cuda 3.0?