NVIDIA VRWorks 360 SDK - NVVS_StitcherFeedInput | How to debug member functions that live in .dll

I downloaded the Nvidia VRWorks 360 SDK and everything works as expected as long as I use the demo video files that came with the SDK. I’m using the stitch_sample_app demo project to stitch together videos, while this works with the demo video files, it doesn’t work when I try to use my own video files. The code just gets stuck at the line that calls member function NVVS_StitcherFeedInput. This member function is defined in nvstitch.dll. I’m using Visual Studio debugger to run the demo project, I can see that the line calling NVVS_StitcherFeedInput just runs forever, essentially NVVS_StitcherFeedInput isn’t returning anything. I’ve left it running for over an hour and it was still stuck. If I try to step into NVVS_StitcherFeedInput using the debugger, Visual Studio tells me that there’s no symbol file and just lets me see the disassembly code (which I can’t make any sense of). I can’t figure out why NVVS_StitcherFeedInput is not returning anything. It works fine if I use the demo video files.

I’ve been trying to solve this problem for over 2 days, contacted nvstitch-support@nvidia.com but haven’t received any reply yet. If you’ve gotten this far into my post, I’d appreciate any input you may have on this problem.

I’ll answer my own question. The problem was the codec. Although the SDK documentation doesn’t mention this. The codec for the video files should be H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (AVC1).