Nvidia WARP does not build on Jetson ORIN

Is WARP supported on linux arm64 architecture? https://github.com/NVIDIA/warp/blob/main/build_llvm.py does not indicate that arm64 is supported. Building WARP from source fails on my NVIDIA Jetson ORIN.

I am not sure if you are right here. I think “Warp & Blend” refers to https://developer.nvidia.com/warp-and-blend :

Warp and Blend are interfaces exposed in NVAPI for warping (image geometry corrections) and blending (intensity and black level adjustment) a single display output or multiple display outputs

While NVIDIA Warp (where your link points to) is:

Warp is a Python framework for writing high-performance simulation and graphics code. Warp takes regular Python functions and JIT compiles them to efficient kernel code that can run on the CPU or GPU.