Nvidia website

Just wanted to give feedback on the Nvidia website.
When selecting your region/language, Belgium is considered to only speak French.
While in reality the biggest part of Belgium is actually Dutch speaking.
The majority of the Dutch speaking part known as ‘Flanders’ does not understand French.
So when I visit the Nvidia website I automatically enter a French website due to my location.
It then becomes pretty difficult to navigate my way to find the language section.


Welcome to the forums. May I ask what NVIDIA website are you referring to exactly? We have so many, from Consumer to Enterprise. Please provide the URL, and I will forward your comments to the correct team.


Location and Regional Selector | NVIDIA i guess it is this page.

The selection for Canada is incorrect as well. EN-UK is the proper selection for Canada since you do not have an EN-CA option.
It’s very annoying to be redirected to the co.uk web site when I do select EN-UK.
Maybe this site should be a language selector rather than location/region selector since people often don’t live in the region of the language they natively speak.