NVIFR and NVFBC dlls missing

I have downloaded and installed NVidia capture SDK. When I compile the samples of NVIFR it gives error that NVIFROpenGL.dll is missing. When I try to run the NVFBC samples it says that library util.lib is missing. So can’t run either. My system is Core i7 with Nvidia Quadro K5000. Any kind of help is much appreciated
Also if someone has those dll files in system32/syswow64 kinldy check and email me @ mshajeehm@gmail.com
I just wonder why are these dll files not part of the capture sdk setup?

I think I have the same problem.
I can´t compile any of the samples. I´m getting

Error LNK2019 unresolved external symbol NvAPI_GPU_GetMemoryInfo referenced in function "unsigned long cdecl GetFramesFB(struct IDirect3DDevice9 *,struct HWND *,unsigned long,unsigned long)" (?GetFramesFB@@YAKPEAUIDirect3DDevice9@@PEAUHWND__@@KK@Z) NVFPC_EnebleAPI \Utils.obj 1

My code did not generate any error in NVIFR other than can’t create NVIFR session. On the other hand the NVFBC gives error of missing the library as mentioned above.