NVJPG decode a 1920x1080 jpg takes 14ms, is it normal?

Hello, I compiled the 06_jpeg_decode in jetson_multimedia_api/samples/ and use it to encode a 1920x1080 jpg images. It takes 14ms on avg.

I see the NVJPG is on 115MHz when profiling

Is it as expected performance? Is there any setting to speed up the jpeg encoding / decoding process?


Hardware JPEG encoding is not supported on Orin Nano.

For JPEG decoding, it can achieve 499.2 MHz per listed power modes in
Jetson Orin Nano Series, Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson AGX Orin Series — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

Please set -s 100(or higher value) and see if the engine goes up to 499.2 MHz in continuous decoding.

        -s <loop-count>      Stress test [Default = 1]

Hello DaneLLL,

Thanks for your reply. I tried -s 1000, and even ran 2 jpeg_decode at the same time. Both NVJPG and NVJPG1 from jtop are at 115MHz.
The power mode showed from  /usr/sbin/nvpmodel -q is 0 (15W)


There is improvement in next Jetpack 5.1.2. Please wait for the release.

Great! Look forward to the next release.
Thanks for your information

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