Jpeg accelerator on xavier


When I was doing JPEG decoding on Jetson Xavier & Jetson nano using the jpeg accelerator, I observed that Xavier NVJPG was at 294.4 MHz, but nano NVJPG was 627.2 MHz and also I have observed that nano was taking less time for the same image. Do we have any provision to increase the MHz on Xavier?

This is constraint of Xavier NX. The NVJPG engine cannot achieve the same clock as Jetson Nano. We have added 20W modes and please check developer guide
NVJPG can run up to 460.8MHz in 20W modes. Please give it a try.

Currently, my Xavier NX is not showing 20W mode, below is the image for all modes in my Xavier


It is added in Jetpack 4.6. You may consider to upgrade the system.

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oh, okay I will check that after upgrading my Jetpack version. Thanks for the information

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