nvpmodel default mode

Using the command “nvpmodel -m 3” (for example) configures the operating mode for the platform. This mode value persists across power cycles. It does not appear that /etc/nvpmodel.conf or any of the /etc/nvpmodel/*.conf have an effect on what mode the unit powers up to, however. Where is this setting stored?

I’d like to create a system image that allows me to select a pre-defined mode without having to interactively run nvpmodel. Is this possible?

Hi tscott-jdes, see the PM_CONFIG DEFAULT line at the bottom of /etc/nvpmodel.conf:


where N is the ID of the power mode.

Either I don’t understand how that parameter is supposed to work, or it simply has no effect.


  1. fresh power cycle
  2. sudo nvpmodel -q. Shows mode 2.
  3. sudo nvpmodel -m 3. Updates mode to 3.
  4. tail /etc/nvpmodel.conf. Shows default is 2.
  5. reboot
  6. sudo nvpmodel -q. Shows mode 3.
  7. tail /etc/nvpmodel.conf. Shows default is 2. If this defines mode 2, then why do I see mode 3 in the previous step?

The fact that the “nvpmodel -m 3” operation persists over power cycles tells me that the actual setting is stored somewhere else. Otherwise, /etc/nvpmodel.conf should have set the mode to 2, shouldn’t it?

Please delete /var/lib/nvpmodel/status file and reboot. It should then follow your setting in nvpmodel.conf

Do some of the configuration settings require a reboot in order to take effect (for boot reasons)? Or can we expect the settings to take effect after we execute the nvpmodel command? and then launch jetson_clocks?

Hi kurt_ottaway,

Please open a new topic for your issue.