Power Mode switching issue


I need to develop a script which helps to switch the power modes in Jetson agx SoM.

Issued the command “sudo nvpmodel -m 0” for making to maximum power mode.
Getting the below error when running this command as a part of script
NVPM ERROR: optMask is 0, no request for power mode

The same command if we run directly on the board it is working.

Could someone please help me to figure out the issue.

@WayneWWW Could you please help me to solve the issue


Are you saying that just write “sudo nvpmodel -m 0” in a bash script, run it manually and it will give you this error?

If write the command in a shell script and try to run the script, we are getting the error.

If we run the command in command line it is working fine.

How about other mode? Will you hit error if you switch to other modes?

We are hitting if we change the mode also.


How about your directly change the default mode inside /etc/nvpmodel.conf? It is a little weird that your usecase needs to keep swapping power mode.

I need to update once to full power mode through the script once the board is up.

Can I update the conf file and check that through script?

What is the exact usecase? You want to update it to mode 0 and fix at mode 0 after boot up?

Need to make it to mode 0 after first bootup and need to continue on that mode.

Then you can just set the default mode inside the nvpmodel.conf and it will always be that mode after boot up.


Thanks for your support.

Ann Rose Antony

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