NvRtx Caustic 5.2 is Not building!

waiting for your helps

Same issue on 5.2 and 5.1 branches

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why anyone dont help us ?

Hello @james.oloughlin and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I forwarded this post to the right engineer, please be a bit patient until they have time.

Meanwhile it would be really helpful to share an actual build log with readable error and warning messages. The screenshot above contains no information on which to start failure analysis I am afraid.

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Hello @enoes241

Which visual studio version are you using to compile UE5.2? V2022 should be one that support UE5, try to properly download and setup the dependency files first > generate project file> Full rebuild the project .


I am using VS 2022 following the steps outlines here at the bottom of this readme. Have the proper Unreal VS components installed for Unreal 5 Windows 11

I will share a build log as soon as I can

i exact method this but can not compile.

SOLVED typical problem I have encountered when building Unreal versions from source; file paths being too long lol. My solution is just to move the project to the root of my storage drive.

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no not working paths