NVS 810 capabilities


I am currently thinking of using NVS 810 GPU for a project but I’m wondering about the real capabilities of this card.

My requirements would be :

  • Use eight output for display (8 x 1080p)
  • Be able to encode eight 1080p@30fps streams (cameras…) to h264 in realtime
  • Be able to decode eight 1080p@30fps streams from h264 in realtime

all of this at the same time…

The software we are working on use NVENC

Thanks for your support.


According to you NVENC documentation, it looks like GeForce and low-end Quadro are limited to two encoding sessions.

Is there some documentation about the exact video encoding/decoding of each of your GPU ? (I mean which Quadro is considered as Low and High end ?)

Do you consider the NVS 810 as a GeForce ? A low end Quadro ?

FYI : I a running Ubuntu Linux 16.04

Thanks for your support.