Nvs510 switches monitor 3 and 4 with RHEL5.9 and nvdia driver 319.60

I have a setup whereby we use a HP workstation (HP8100/8200/8300 type) with 1 or 2 NVS510 cards installed.
If we connect more than 3 monitors, the output of monitors 3 and 4 is reversed: Screen2 in the xorg setup is monitor3, Screen3 is monitor2. The xorg.conf is simple: screens are situated sequentially:
(==) ServerLayout “ProRail Layout”
() |–>Screen “Screen0” (0)
) | |–>Monitor “Monitor0”
() | |–>Device “Videocard0”
) |–>Screen “Screen1” (1)
() | |–>Monitor “Monitor1”
) | |–>Device “Videocard1”
() |–>Screen “Screen2” (2)
) | |–>Monitor “Monitor2”
() | |–>Device “Videocard2”
) |–>Screen “Screen3” (3)
() | |–>Monitor “Monitor3”
) | |–>Device “Videocard3”
() |–>Screen “Screen4” (4)
) | |–>Monitor “Monitor4”
() | |–>Device “Videocard4”
) |–>Screen “Screen5” (5)
() | |–>Monitor “Monitor5”
) | |–>Device “Videocard5”
But screen 2 & 3 (also the 3rd and 4th screen) are reversed.
We use RHEL5.9 32-bit with a PAE kernel (2.6.18-348.el5PAE), and the latest stable nvidia driver (319.60).
Anybody got any ideas on how to fix it? Of course, the simplest fix is to switch the cables, but I would like a more elegant solution.

Peter Mansvelder (peter.mansvelder@prorail.nl)

I will include the bug-report.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (85 KB)

macpjotr, Thanks for reporting this issue. Could you please provide step-by-step procedure to reproduce this issue? Did you hot plugin the displays in between? Also please provide nvidia bug report for both working and non-working setup.

Hello Sandip,
there is no step-by-step procedure: I installed the cards, plugged in the monitors, and then installed a clean system (RHEL5.9). Only the xorg.conf is customized.
There is no ‘non-working’ or ‘working’ setup: the setup works, but with the issue I mentioned of 2 monitors being switched. I have no other setup which does not show this behaviour (unless you mean a different videocard: I have a very similar setup using 2 NVS Quadro 420 cards, also using 6 monitors, which does not show this behaviour).

Additional information: if I let nvidia-xconfig create the xorg.conf file, the issue is still there: although the config uses only the first card and the 4 monitors connected to that card, monitor 3 and 4 are still switched.

Internally filed Bug 1390553 to track this issue

Got it to work using the following command

nvidia-xconfig  \
   --allow-glx-with-composite \
   -composite \
   --dynamic-twinview \
   -a \
   -logo \
   --multigpu=Auto \
   --render-accel \