Obj_user_meta_list shows None on nvinferserver source pad_probe

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Jetson Orin AGX Dev Kit
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We are using nvinferserver for a primary detector and a secondary inference.

On the secondary config file we include

postprocess {
    other {}


input_control {
  operate_on_gie_id: 5
  operate_on_class_ids: [1,2]
  async_mode: true
  object_control {
    bbox_filter {
      min_width: 32 
      min_height: 32
output_control {
  output_tensor_meta: true

We are probing the source pad of the secondary inference and are able to get the class id and the width/height.

obj_user_meta_list is showing None and we expect to get the [1x512] raw tensor. What could be wrong? We are getting class 1 for example, and it should be operating on class 1 but we aren’t getting the output tensor from frame_meta_list> obj_meta_list> obj_user_meta_list

please refer to nvinferserver pgie+sgie sample deepstream-infer-tensor-meta-test.

Thank you @fanzh the example was in fact exactly what we were trying to accomplish, and the solution was to use a large batch-size.

Would it be possible to achieve the same thing with performing the post processor on the source pad of the primary inference plugin instead of using a post processor library? I can open another ticket if needed.


if meet new issue, please open a new topic, Thanks!

Yes this is a new issue, and instead of a post processor lib we are using the source pad to do the post processing like the example from the python deep stream repo.


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