Occupancy map direction

Hi here, I am facing a problem about how to change the direction while using the occupancy map(to get the cross section figure), In the tutorial and API, the direction of occupancy is all set to the Z direction, which I cannot change. However, I prefer to have it work in the X direction, as shown below.

I go through all the examples given, but there is no code for occupancy maps via python, and I also notice there is a command call generate3d but still without example. Can you give me some example about how to rotate it by python?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @jianlin_wang_lynn - You can find more about API and other information in this document: Occupancy Map Generator — Omniverse Robotics documentation


Dear @rthaker , Thanks for your reply. I went through the web you shared before I asked the question, and I am still confused. The only related function is: set_transform(original point, high boundary, low boundary).

However, no matter how I set that, it still cannot change the direction. I want the slide to go in the X direction, but it still goes for Z direction as shown in figure above. How can I change it?

Thanks a lot!

@rthaker , I would like to know if we got any solution for that? Thank a lot!