Ok, i'm asking advice about hardware, not the context of what i'm using it for

looking to understand the drivers better. built a crypto miner, windows updates shutting the computer off every week pissed me off haven’t used it since. now i have debian and ubuntu loaded into my computer. are the open source drivers better for the geforce rtx 3060 ti and geforce 1050ti (monitor card) or the open source drivers? what is the difference, besides the geforce experience or what ever its called. which drivers are more efficient? do the linux os’s need a “clean install” similar to windows if i need to change from open to proprietary? is there an accurate faq somewhere i can read to learn what i need,

If you want to build a system for a specific purpose

you are going to want to look up guides on doing so.

The best place to start is by searching for your specific issues, in the context of the operating system you will be using.

So, you will search like this.

Debian OR Ubuntu “Insert Problem Here”

I personally like to have a clean install, to make sure everything is properly puzzled in, and to avoid problems that happen later on as things change.

I use proprietary-NVIDIA for gaming, and find that it has lower sustained power draw than windows which gives us extremely reduced performance compared to using windows. But, on the plus side, it always runs a lot cooler than windows unless I crank up the graphics settings.

I don’t have experience with your specific interests, but I would imagine you will find yourself having similar problems.

This is the actual readme that describes the nvidia driver and how it works, on linux.