URGENT : Fix your Linux Drivers for Laptops!

It’s getting urgent to fix these drivers, Tearing, Stuttering, Thermal Throttling at low temperatures, Kernel Crash, WM crash, Display output crash, GPU keep using power even when not in use (reduce my battery life about 2-3 hours)

It’s not possible to ship these drivers any more. It’s not dependent to the distro, the same problems happens on Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Suse…

If it’s too hard to maintain, maybe just release the source and make it open source like AMD does. (And I mean the driver, not only the kernel modules…)

AMD open source drivers are up to twice more efficient than Proprietary one (especially on OpenGL) so maybe that should be the way to go.

Here an example of game that is unplayable due to the driver and only the driver.

That’s urgent to do something. Thanks