340.96 driver has much better performance then 362 on a gtx 650 ti

Should this be the case?

Huge fps drops and stuttering when using the 362 driver in games like cs:go, also lower fps noticeable in dota 2. When I use the 340 driver the better performance is very noticeable. No stuttering or big fps drops.

I just felt like I should point this out. Is my card that old now?

Also when using nvidia proprietary drivers i get terrible screen flickering in kde and fullscreen flicker also in ubuntu unity and xfce. When I’ve used linux in the past (back with 331 drivers) I would simply set compositor to opengl 3.1 and set full screen repaints to get rid of tearing. I never even had flickering.

But now I have to turn compositor off or set it to xrender to avoid the random flickering issue. And no documented trick seems to get rid of screen tearing. The opensource noveau driver doesn’t have a flicker or unfixable tearing issue.

Thanks for listening,


I have worse hardware: 560 Ti

For me, driver 364.19 is smoother (i.e. better) than 367.18

And I get a properly vsynced HTML5 youtube in firefox with:

nvidia-settings --assign "CurrentMetaMode=DVI-I-1:1920x1080_60 +0+0 { ForceFullCompositionPipeline = On }"

so you don’t any fullscreen flickerings at all, for example with kde and the compositor using opengl? I have to set it to xrender or turn it off to avoid random flickering especially with fullscreen video. happens on xfce and ubuntu unity too. Happens with prop drivers but not open source ones.

And my card is even more crap at 550 Ti. And I run 361.45 without issue. The first of it’s kinda to not suck. I don’t know what 362 is. As far as I know, that isn’t a Linux production release.