Massive screen flickering and glitches, machine becomes unusable on GTX 660 Ti (GK104) after 364.19

I’m running a Geforce GTX 660 Ti on my Linux KDE desktop (on Exherbo distribution, kernel and module are compiled manually).

Since 367.35, the driver has become unusable for me: when I start the machine, the screen starts to flicker and show small wobbling glitches all over the screen. Sometimes this takes a few minutes to start, sometimes it starts right away (like in the case that was captured in the nvidia-bug-report I will attach).
The intensity of the glitches increases, until finally the screen briefly turns black. The glitches continue and ramp up again, until the system becomes finally completely unusable. (I believe even the CPU heats up, but I wasn’t able to confirm this yet.)

I kept using 364.19, which is the last version that does not show this problems.

I can confirm the problem exists with versions 367.35, 367.44, 370.28, 375.20 and 375.26. All were tested at least on kernel 4.7.6 with xorg-server 1.18.
The glitches were also confirmed on xorg-server 1.19 on kernel 4.7.6 and 4.9.2, but I could not test 364.19 because it’s not compatible with 1.19 anymore.

Things I’ve tried (without success):

  • remove the attached Sony TV from the HDMI connector
  • disable the internal Intel GPU in the BIOS
  • start the kernel with nomodeset
  • I tried to capture the glitches on camera a while ago, and added another better video today (with this post in the background). You can see the screen turning off and on again, and the content jumping.

    In the 3rd video, after a few cycles I couldn’t even move the mouse anymore or type anything (you can here me moving the mouse in the video, the pointer stays right below the Edit icon).

    Thanks for any help or input!

    EDIT: The text claimed that on the SDDM greeter, the problems did not occur. This turned out to be false, after a hard reset, I just got flickering also on the greeter screen.
    EDIT: Added a 3rd video.
    nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (222 KB)